Rebekah + Landon - Tennessee Wedding

Rebekah + Landon’s intimate white church wedding was one for the books. On our way to the church, we drove past so many beautiful fields and pastures until we got to this quiet little spot. I loved that Rebekah and Landon chose this sweet place to commit their lives to each other.

I’ve known Rebekah since we were about six years old, so shooting her wedding was a dream come true! She and her twin sister, Michaela, were two of my best friends growing up and getting to experience such a special time with them was the best. HOW CUTE ARE THEY?!

In another dream-come-true, the other bridesmaid pictured here (Makayla) was also one of our best friends growing up and guess what? Rebekah and Makayla married brothers! What are the odds? I couldn’t believe it when I heard they were dating brothers. I think growing up everyone hopes that one day they’ll be related to their best friend. It’s been so fun to see the support they give each other through every season of life.

I loved that these two kept their wedding party small and only had their closest friends there. I think a lot of couples get caught up in not wanting to leave anyone out, but I thought having a small wedding party made their day so much more intimate and fun for everyone!

Rebekah had a sweet first look with her dad, but she and Landon didn’t see each other before the wedding. Instead they stood on either side of a door and read letters from each other. You could feel the excitement and nervous energy knowing they were so close, but not quite ready to see each other yet.

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for these two to commit their lives to each other. Surrounded by their dearest friends and family, they said “I do”. And who doesn’t think it’s just the sweetest thing when the groom cries when he sees his bride? Landon’s reaction to seeing Rebekah for the first time was the best.

Rebekah and Landon chose to keep their ceremony small and have their reception the night after their wedding and invite everyone! I loved how unrushed this decision made their portraits after the ceremony. We got to walk around the church property taking photos without having to worry about getting them back to their guests.

We’re SO incredibly thankful that these two chose us to capture such a special time in their lives. We love what we do and it’s mostly because of couples like these! We loved walking through this season with you

Mr. + Mrs. Ullrich!!