Leah + Trea | Heartwood Hall

Leah and Trea! I am so excited to introduce these two to the blog. I spent a little bit of time with Leah prior to their engagement session & I could just tell she was so incredibly genuine. I left that coffee so excited to get to know her more. Just from that little bit of time together, I knew that Trea had to be something special, too.

We spent the morning together starting at Heartwood Hall where Leah & Trea will be getting married in just a few months! Trea had just gotten off from working the nightshift & came straight to our session… I was honestly impressed that he was so pleasant because I know I probably wouldn’t have been 😂 After spending some time at Heartwood Hall, we headed to their land that they are planning to build their future home on! It was so sweet to hear about the plans they have & the life they are going to build together. Leah & Trea, you guys have something special & I am so glad that Nathan & I get to play a little role in such a big day. Check out these sweet smiles!!