Looking for the Perfect Wedding Photographer?

After the initial shock and excitement from your engagement wears off a little bit, you might go into full-on panic mode thinking about all of the things that need to get done RIGHT NOW (or at least that’s how it feels). Take a deep breath. I’m here to tell you that there are only a few things that need to be done ASAP when planning your big day. Your two main priorities right now should be booking your wedding photographer and your venue. These two vendors tend to book up 12-18 months in advance, and the worst thing is finding out that your dream vendor isn’t available on your date. Here are a few things to consider when booking your wedding photographer:

  1. What style of photos are you looking for?

There are SO many styles of photography, because ultimately, it is an art. However, there are a few main styles of photography that people tend to gravitate toward. Some photographers take on a “dark and moody” style, and there are many variations within this common style. Another popular style is light and airy. The photos tend to look more like film and have an elegant vibe. We categorize ourselves as Light and Classic. I wouldn’t say that our photos are airy, but they are definitely bright and we hope that as other styles and trends change, our style will stay classic for years to come. Narrow down your search to two or three photographers and then look through their blog posts and portfolios to see which images you connect with most. Think about 5 years down the road and the style of photos you will want to look back on.

2. Is the photographer willing to meet with you and get to know you before the big day?

Connection is SO important for your big day! Having a photographer that is going to serve you first and foremost is key. Part of that comes from spending time together. While I know it isn’t possible for a photographer to hang out every weekend with all of their couples, there should be effort put forth to get to know you. Having a relationship with your photographer on the big day will come through in your photos because you will be more comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. Let’s try that new coffee shop you’ve been dying to go to, or grab dinner with our guys!

3. Is the photographer competent, efficient, and easy to communicate with?

Maybe this should’ve been my number one! Is the photographer easy to work with overall? Go to Google and read reviews. They tell all. Make sure you are going to be able to get prompt responses, and that they are available to you any time you might need them. Ask past clients if this particular photographer was efficient with their time or if they felt like they were having to drag them along. Knowing a little bit about the photographer’s background and education with cameras is always a plus! “I’ve been doing this for 5 years” doesn’t always equal knowledge about settings and gear.

If a light and classic feel is what you like, I would love to talk to you more if you are on the search for your dream wedding photographer! You can inquire with me here or message me on Instagram here. I look forward to hearing ALL about you and the big plans you have for such an exciting day! If you are on the hunt for a wedding venue, check out my post here for a few helpful tips.