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Rebekah + Landon - Tennessee Wedding

Rebekah + Landon’s intimate white church wedding was one for the books. On our way to the church, we drove past so many beautiful fields and pastures until we got to this quiet little spot. I loved that Rebekah and Landon chose this sweet place to commit their lives to each other.

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Ashlyn + Dylan - Rock Island State Park Engagement

Ashlyn and Dylan are some of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. We met them about a year ago on one of our trips out to Los Angeles and immediately hit it off! They’re the type of people you just want to grab a cup of coffee with and then never leave. I’d say we had a couple crush on them for sure (haha). When Dylan called us a couple of months ago to tell us he was proposing and ask if we wanted to capture it, we were trying to keep our cool but we were definitely dancing around the house after our phone call.

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