From then until now…

I’ve been shooting since early high school. It started when my best friend and I got cameras and would take photos in random fields in our little hometown. We thought we were the coolest people ever, all while shooting in auto without a care in the world :) But those days sparked a little flame in me that grew into this business!

If you would’ve asked me then if I thought photography would be anything more than a hobby, I would’ve said no. I honestly thought it was a dream that I probably couldn’t pursue because of the commitment and time it would take. I thought life would get in the way. But here we are, just a few years later! I love this business and the fact that I get to do it with my favorite person in the world makes it that much sweeter.


I love being part of such a huge milestone and commitment.

Knowing my couples and figuring out how they interact together is so much fun to me. I get the privilege of being part of such a beautiful milestone in your relationship and life. My job is to capture your relationship as it is - authentic and lovely - quirky and adventurous - whatever it is that makes you YOU.


After all is said and done, this is YOUR day

…YOUR memories, YOUR story. I want to be there to give you something special you can look back on years later and still feel all the feels. Giving you tangible evidence of some of your sweetest memories will always be an absolute joy for me.


To get acquainted, I love to meet with you

…once or twice before the engagement session to make sure we are comfortable with each other and have a few laughs before you get in front of the camera. There’s no need to be nervous because I will be right there the whole time to give you direction as needed! Don’t worry, you’ll be a pro in no time! I promise!


I’ll go first…

This is Nathan, the N in NLA :)

“We met in Memphis and got married last year in New Orleans. A few fun things about the cutest boy in the whole world: He LOVES to book travel. We always joke that he will end up being a travel agent one day. He is our manager of all things business, my second shooter, THE Apple guru, a major fan of buying organizational bins, having the unlimited subscription at the car wash, and eating icecream cake. He’s a good time. You’ll like him.” –Laura


Laura is the L in NLA.

“She LOVES meeting new people and lunch dates. You will be friends by the time the wedding day comes around, which will make a HUGE difference in the images we are able to capture. It’s one of my favorite things about her. She enjoys teaching a high school senior class at church, drinking ALL the coffee, eating ALL the good food, hanging out with our moms… and just moms in general (BYOM to your meetings with her if you want lol), and laughing at me doing dumb stuff.” –Nathan


Loving people (YOU) well will always be our top priority

…because we believe our purpose runs much deeper than just beautiful images and film. We believe that the Lord has given us this business and our gifts for the purpose of serving others and capturing the joy in your moments.