the first time you view your wedding images or film should be an experience.

Getting an email from your photographer while in the grocery store and viewing the moments from your big day on your phone is not the experience we want you to have. As we considered how to create a truly memorable experience for you, two things stood out:



That you and your husband/wife (AH!) are able to view your wedding day images in the way we intend. We edit all your images on super high-resolution displays and we want you to see them that way, too! These moments are too important for you not to get the best viewing experience possible.



We wanted you to be able to share your images immediately. When we got married, the first thing we did when we got our wedding images back was send them to our parents, family, and close friends who were a part of our day. The people that love you are (almost) as excited to see the images as you are.


As we thought through ideas on the best way to accomplish these goals simultaneously, we kept coming back to an iPad. An iPad has a super high-resolution Retina Display created for viewing beautiful content. The iPad design is gorgeous and is a device worthy of extraordinary moments.


The iPad also allows instant sharing.

As soon as you turn on the device you can text, post, message, and share your images just as you do on your phone -- no trying to figure out how to download files or AirDrop them to your phone. They are ready to share immediately.


We include an iPad in every wedding package.

The special moments that make your wedding day unique and wonderful and lovely deserve the best viewing and sharing experience possible in a beautiful package that’s intuitive to use.

Oh, and we custom-engrave each one with your new married name and wedding date so you can remember those special moments each time you pick it up.